Remembering Jonathan Wilkins

Jonathan Lee Wilkins

"Big Jon / Johnny"

A message from our family: Jonathan Lee Wilkins was a wonderful husband, sibling, father, grandfather, friend, neighbor...and more. He had a zest for life that was epitomized through his sense of humor coupled with a hearty laugh and dazzling smile. Besides spending time with his very large family, I am certain Jon was the original author of the adage, "I'd rather be fishing," which was true any day of the week except when the Philadelphia Eagles had a game (he was their #1 fan). He was taken away from us too soon because of prostate cancer and became a vocal advocate for men to get themselves checked out and treated early and aggressively. Now Jon is in heaven, listening the to the lilting sounds of smooth jazz and watching over and urging us to live life to its fullest!

This page was created on behalf of: Dr. Lisa Cooper Wilkins, his wife, and the Wilkins Family.