Honoring a Leader

Roger Taylor

In loving memory: It is with great sadness that the Prostate Cancer Foundation family mourns the loss of our dear friend, Roger Taylor, husband of our esteemed board member, Roxann. We are heartbroken to share with you the news of Roger's passing. For those of us who came to befriend and adore Roger and Roxann, and also came to admire both their courage and love for each other, there really seems no adequate words of condolence. Roger’s grace and humor and “grit” -- even with multiple moments of bad clinical news -- never left him. Roger was with us smiling at every PCF East Coast event including Palm Beach in January. He inspired all involved in caring for him, and reminded us why we forge ahead with our research mission. Beyond the cruelty of the diagnosis, Roxann and Roger both became deeply knowledgeable about prostate cancer. As Dr. William Oh at Mount Sinai told PCF, when added up, Roger volunteered for 10 lines of investigational clinical trial-based treatments. Roger did not run out of courage, modern oncology ran out of existing and experimental drugs. Roxann correctly characterized Roger’s cancer as “pure evil.” Roger was treated by a team of the best minds and knowledge in the PCF Research Enterprise and the most productive investigators. This loss and tragedy is a reminder of why the work of PCF science, PCF staff and the Board of Directors is unfinished and vital. Dr. Oh, speaking for six other PCF-funded oncologists involved in Roger’s care, were so affected by Roger’s death, they are somber themselves, and grateful simultaneously for coming to know Roger and Roxann. Like them, please join us in keeping Roxann and her family in our prayers, and in a quiet moment, celebrate our good fortune to have come to know Roger.